Full Cover Matte Foundation SPF 15-30

This product, with its exclusive and special water-based formulation, is very light, velvety and makes the skin breathe and gives a completely natural look to the face. It also contains protective filters with SPF 30, which protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun like a sunscreen.

The use of active ingredients in the formulation of this product, such as cranberry seed extract, as a strong and natural antioxidant, encourages collagen production and delays the ageing process of the skin. Also, the hyaluronic acid and vitamin E available in the product helps in hydrating, rejuvenating, and refreshing the skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles. Long shelf life, high and complete coverage are other features of this product.

Full cover Matte

Liquid Foundation SPF30

Full Cover Matte 

Photo Perfect Matte

Liquid Foundation SPF15

Photo Perfect Matte



Ashton Lipsticks

The product is developed with a unique formula which allows for excellent coverage, various colors and gives a matte and uniform effect to the lips. It is also suitable for all ages due to its a light texture allowing a light seamless feeling on your lips.With its creamy formula, completely matte and long-lasting, along with its light and velvety texture, it gives a smooth and uniform coating to the lips.

Everlasting Lip Color

Matte solid lipstick

Intense Matte Lipstick

Matte solid lipstick

Long Wear Lip Color

Liquid lipstick



Ashton mascaras

This new mascara formulation is completely compatible with its silicone brush, which allows the styling and increase of the volume of the eyelashes as much as possible.

Special pigments are used in the formulation of this product to achieve an ideal color that makes the eyelashes completely black. Also, the hyaluronic acid and vitamin E allows hydrations of the eyelashes while preventing the mascara from falling under the eyelid and tears.

Lash in Flash Mascara

Mascara with amazing volume

Whip Lashes Mascara

Volume mascara with a hairbrush

Sparkle Eye Lash Mascara

Volume mascara with a silicone brush



Ashton Nail Polish

It has a unique formulation with high durability and fast drying ability that provides you with complete and uniform coverage with just one varnishing. A set of matte, shiny and shiny colors and garland / with fast drying ability / excellent coverage due to wide brush / high durability / free of toluene and formaldehyde

Nail Laquer

Gel Effect

Nail polish

Ashton's latest products

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